Our Team

The nearly 100 team members at Yankee Trails contribute each day to the services we provide. Below are just some of the people that assist in making your experience a pleasant one. Meet our drivers, too!

NOTE:  Each of our team members may also be reached using our
toll free number (800-822-2400) and the corresponding extension.

Interested in becoming a Motor Coach Operator for Yankee Trails?
Be sure to visit our Join The Team page for more details and to submit your resume.

Stephen Tobin
Chief Executive Officer
Tom Bird
General Manager
518.286.2400 x306

Jeff Adams
Vice President Sales & Marketing
518.286.2400 x203

Joel T. Keens, Jr.
Vice President Charter & Group Sales
518.286.2400 x213

Erin (Tobin) Duckett
Travel Consultant
518.286.2400 x206

Theresa (Tobin) Keens
Travel Consultant
518.286.2400 x201

Alberta Jackson
518.286.1800 x302

Beth Tobin-Harmer
Motorcoach Group Sales Manager
518.286.2400 x202

Blythe Macomber
Motorcoach Tour Director
518.286.2400 x216

Adrienne Farragher
Motorcoach Tour Coordinator
518.286.2400 x214

Bob Martin
Service Manager
518.286.1800 x305

Ed Finkle
Business Development Manager
518.286.2400 x209

Kelly McKiever
Travel Agency Manager
518.286.2400 x208

Judy Kindlon
Program Director of "Judy's Journeys"

Julie Burns
Travel Consultant
518.286.2400 x226

Laura Grieco
Travel Consultant
518.286.2400 x217

Shawna Garber
Travel Consultant
518.286.2400 x236

Faith Ackerley
Transportation Coordinator
518.286.1800 x304

Karyn Maviano
International & Domestic Group Tour Manager
518.286.2400 x225

Laura Kenney
Travel Consultant
518.286.2400 x235

Sharon Grella
Travel Consultant
352.633.4643 x232

Jeanne L. Toth
Charter & Group Sales Account Executive
518.286.2400 x237

Laura Golon
Marketing Coordinator
518.286.2400 x224

Jon Holmes
Director of Social Media Marketing/Special Event Coordinator
518.286.2400 x222

Rebecca Wolf
Travel Consultant
518.286.2400 x220

Erin Shaw
Motorcoach Charter Consultant
518.286.2400 x218