Bennington VT Customer Service

In an effort to provide the absolute best in customer service, Yankee Trails has included instructions on how you may contact us if for any reason you are displeased with the transportation services you've received. We take each submission very carefully, reviewing comments, questions, suggestions and concerns with each member of our management team before issuing a response.  Please take a moment to review this process before submitting:

  • Call (518-286-2400 | 800-822-2400) or email ( our office, or go to the Yankee Trails website (, click on Contact Us then fill out the form with a detailed account of your complaint. Under Subject, click Other. Please include date, time, bus number, driver's name and a detailed description of the issue.
  • Once submitted, the information is given to our Dispatcher and/or Operations Team to look into the matter. This consists of talking to the Driver, talking to any passengers that may have witnessed the issue and a review of the cameras if necessary.
  • Once the investigation is done, either the Dispatcher or someone from the Operations Team will then report back to the customer as to how the issue will be resolved.
  • If it is determined that the Driver needs some remedial training, that will be administered by the Driver Trainer.
  • If there is a misunderstanding or the customer is determined to be in the wrong, the Dispatcher and/or Operations Team will explain where things went wrong and try to make them understand the mistake.